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EMBARK Awards Letter

The EMBARK Award is an award created by the EMBARK Federation to help develop and celebrate skills and experiences both within and beyond the taught curriculum.

The award comprises of 100 activities for children to complete around the Trust’s four core beliefs; Family, Integrity, Teamwork and Success. These activities are listed below.

The activities combine wholesome, family experiences with a breadth of challenges we will offer your child whilst they are a pupil at Waingroves Primary School.

Each child will receive and EMBARK Awards folder (see images below) and will have the opportunity to work towards their Bronze Award by completing 40 challenges, their Silver Award by completing 60 challenges and then finally their Gold Award by completing 90 activities.

We as a staff have identified many different challenges that our pupils will complete during their time at Waingroves Primary School. These are identified as those challenges in bold and underlined text in the lists below.

We hope your child enjoys taking part in the programme and we look forward to seeing evidence of the challenges and celebrating their success.





  1. Cook a Family Meal
  2. Send School a postcard from holiday
  3. Make something with family and bring into school
  4. Go on a family visit and send a picture or write it up
  5. Join local Library, attend with family and then read a book together
  6. Write/e-mail to another member of the Embark Family at a different school
  7. Play a game with another child from the Embark Family at a different school
  8. Visit theatre either with school or a Family member
  9. Take a walk in the countryside
  10. Have a family picnic
  11. Interview a family member about their job
  12. Draw a Family tree and speak to a family member about the past
  13. Visit the beach, build a sandcastle, and take a picture
  14. Build a den and take a photo of your family inside
  15. Attend a sporting event
  16. Attend a visit with another school from the Embark Family
  17. Grow something to enjoy or eat in your garden
  18. Visit another country and write a diary
  19. Go to a place of worship with your family
  20. Perform at a school show to the members of your family
  21. Photograph a family pet and describe how you look after/care for it after a week
  22. Encourage all members of your family to write a comment on our school website or social media page
  23. Climb a mountain as a team
  24. Play a board game/teach your family a game
  25. Play in the snow and build something e.g., a snowman


  1. Raise at least £10 for a charity event
  2. Take part in a charity event out of school
  3. Organise a charity event/ run a stall
  4. Lead an assembly on a worthwhile topic
  5. Clean up the community
  6. Help improve an area of the school
  7. Keep a recycling diary
  8. Make an environmental poster
  9. Help someone in need
  10. Become a mini leader
  11. Care for new child at school/become a buddy and model good choices
  12. Take care of school equipment/be a successful classroom monitor over term
  13. Teach someone a new skill
  14. Encourage Healthy Eating - diary/poster/research
  15. Promote good hygiene in school/home - poster
  16. Sing in an old people's home
  17. Make someone in our community smile, make a difference
  18. Online Safety - promote and display appropriate us of IT equipment, report inappropriate use
  19. Follow or create a nature trail
  20. Hand something in of value that you have found
  21. Write a positive comment on our school website
  22. Build a memorial - eg. National Memorial Aboretum
  23. Random act of kindness - appear on our board
  24. Promote British Values - democracy, tolerance, and respect
  25. Learn about someone else's religion in your school or community


  1. Participate in 3 school competitions in a year
  2. Take part in a school camp out
  3. Solve a problem with a group of friends
  4. Attend an after-school club for at least 6 sessions
  5. Belong to any team outside of school and show us evidence of this
  6. Take part in an enterprise project in school
  7. Represent the school as part of a team
  8. Represent Embark as part of a team
  9. Take part in a school performance to an audience as a team
  10. Represent your class on the school council
  11. Lead a team of children in school
  12. Convince your teacher over the year that you are an effective team member
  13. Teach another group of children a new skill
  14. Contribute to a team at sports day
  15. Lead peer reading with a group of younger children
  16. Receive an award e.g., sticker or certificate etc that recognizes your teamwork or helping someone else
  17. Take part in a team activity outside in the dark
  18. Supporting a fellow member in class who is struggling
  19. Complete a team project in class with children you don't normally work with
  20. Build a structure with a team in class
  21. Cook a meal as a team/plan a menu
  22. Learn how to give constructive feedback to a fellow pupil/team member
  23. Show resilience as a team by working together to overcome a difficult situation
  24. Set yourself a stretch goal
  25. Get a team to set up or scavenger/treasure hunt for children in the Embark family


  1. Learn a musical instrument and perform it to others
  2. Complete a reading challenge
  3. Times Tables - award for improvement
  4. Spellings - award for improvement
  5. Complete a school bike ride over 10 miles
  6. Perform a lead role in a school play
  7. Achieve 25 meters swimming
  8. Write a book/article for the website/school newspaper/song
  9. Appear in the media for something successful or win a competition
  10. Have a conversation in a different language
  11. Piece of artwork displayed in a gallery
  12. Raise over £50 for charity
  13. Take part in a triathlon
  14. Attend a school residential
  15. Solve a complex problem
  16. 100% attendance
  17. Receive the head teachers award in assembly
  18. Receive individual praise from a member of the community
  19. Write and read a prayer in assembly
  20. Bring in an individual award that you have achieved outside of school
  21. Produce a new invention/idea that makes a difference
  22. Conduct a science experiment and tell us about it
  23. Deliver a PowerPoint presentation
  24. Develop one of the following: coding for a new programme, new recipe
  25. Complete work experience and record your aspirations for the future