Welcome to Y5

Our teachers are:

Mrs Cox and Mrs Mannion 

Our TA is Mrs Bates 


Hello and welcome to our class page.  In year 5 we are always busy learning and having fun. Our class page will show you what we have been up to in our lessons. 


On our page there is also lots of useful information about our curriculum and links to useful websites.


If you have any feedback on our page it would be great to hear from you. Mrs Cox and Mrs Mannion 


Our Year 5 Curriculum Maps 

Home Working

Thursday 2nd July

Morning Everyone :) 

Thank you to those of you who have already sent in photos for your record of achievements. Keep sending in your favourite photographs of your home learning adventure!

Don't forget to email in your work we love to hear from you. 

Your parents should have received a text message to let them know that they can collect your school report and books from school next Friday 10th July. 

Have a lovely day :)


Mrs Cox, Mrs Mannion and Mrs Bates :)


----------------------------------------Other Information

Have a read of 'The Ickabog' you can read online for free. It's by JK Rowling and I thought the Harry Potter fans in Year 5 might enjoy it! If you scroll down your can find all the chapters.


The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust are challenging people to do something wild everyday this month. Why not sign up and have a go?


Mental Health Awareness Week

The week commencing 18th May is mental health awareness week and the theme is kindness have a look at the link below to find out more about it. 


VE Day

Don't forget the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on Friday have a go at making your on bunting for your window click the link below for ideas.


There is also a great pack of information that Twinkl have put together that you could have a look at together as a family. 



There are lots of exciting things being put online you can take part in.


Don't forget to check out the BBC Bitesize lessons, which are now also available via the red button and on BBC IPlayer you can access on the link below. They consist of a mixture of year 5 topics, some will consolidate lessons we have already covered and some are new. Have a look and have a go at some in your homework books.



I'm sure you have all heard about Captain Tom and his amazing fund raiser for the NHS charities. He has raised over 27million so far! It is his 100th birthday soon! So why not send him a card?



Each day Joe Wicks will be providing school children with a 30 minute PE lesson, which starts at 9am. Click the link below 


David Walliams is releasing audio stories each day at 11:00


Steve Backshall is doing a live lessons on You Tube


and Oti from Strictly is doing a dance class at 11:30 everyday on facebook if your parents have the app! All exciting!

Why not treat yourself to a trip to the zoo today? Chester Zoo are doing another virtual tour today on their YouTube Channel



We know how much you all loved our National Space Centre trip and Mrs Mannion has discovered that they have released one of their planetarium shows - We are all made of stars on You Tube 


Click the link above to enjoy, try to imagine you are sat in the planetarium :)

We know lots of you are Harry Potter  fans check out the online exhibition it's fantastic and the new Harry Potter at home pages :) 



David Walliams Elevenses is now sharing his book Fing - you can catch up with any chapters you've missed until this Friday if you click on the link below. 


Twinkl has some amazing live lessons! Have look new stuff is added each day to make sure your never bored :) 



Please stay safe online and only access websites with your parents :)

We have also heard about a campaign called 'The Rainbow Trail', which is designed to spread happiness and would like you to draw a rainbow and place it in your front window for people to spot as they go for a walk in and around Waingroves.

Home Working Tasks


Writing task – write a narrative (story) re-telling the story of ‘The Piano’ Watch the clip of ‘The Piano’ by Aidan Gibbons https://www.literacyshed.com/piano.html

Make sure you have the sound turned on! This is called a ‘flashback narrative’ as it is a story based on memories – you see the memories in the clip. It might make you feel a bit emotional (it’s supposed to!?!). You might want to watch it a couple of times to become familiar with it.

Have a go at re-telling the flashback story – starting in the present with the old man playing the piano, then each of the memories in the right order, finishing back in the present.

There are so many emotions that you can include here, as well as lots of description. We don’t know any of the characters names so either call them ‘the man’, ‘his friend’ or give them names.

Remember to use adverbials of time (first, next, then…) other linking & joining words and ing end ed starters (Opening the present, I… Rushing to help, I….). Can you include some show don’t tell for feelings and a couple of complex sentences (I have in my example- can you spot them?)

Mrs Mannion has emailed you the start of her narrative to read as an example, a sheet to use for planning, and the linking and joining words sheet we use in class.

From your practise and learn book complete  Page 8 – Changing words types and Page 30 – Classic novel



Mrs Mannion has emailed you the next chapters of I was a rat. 

This week we are predictors what do you think will happen next? Predict before you start to read remember to base your predictions on evidence from the book. Predict at the end of the chapters. Does your prediction change?

I have also emailed you a comprehension to have a go at 'The Outstanding Olympics'.


Practise the following y5 challenge word spellings. Ask a parent to test you at the end of the week. Good luck! 

sacrifice, secretary, shoulder, signature, sincere and sincerely. 



Carry on with White Rose home learning and look at the BBC link too for extra videos and tasks. Week 10 – angles (you will need a protractor for a few questions but don’t worry if you don’t have one at home – just skip these ones OR estimate!)

There are no alternative sheets this week as this is new learning.

Mrs Mannion has already emailed you the sheets and answers to use. Have a go at the questions on the video and the questions on your sheets. Remember if you can't print the sheets out write the date and complete the work in your homework book.




From your practise and learn book complete Pages 20 & 21 – fractions, decimals and percentages

You have also been allocated some Purple Mash maths tasks to have a go at

Angles – answer true or false (spell them correctly!)

Decimal fractions – add and subtract decimals mentally.



Florence Nightingale

This week we would like you to research other local people who are famous for doing something special. Either from now or in the past.

For example:

Sir Richard Arkwright, who set up Cromford Mill.

Ellen MacArthur, who sailed around the world alone.

Henry Royce, who was the co-founder of Rolls Royce. 

Once you have found out more about them create a poster or a booklet with lots of information in.


Music - Have a look at the activities on Derbyshire Hub music at home and have a go at one. 


Ideas on how to stay active as a family when at home click the link below:




World Book day 2020

We had a great day dressing up for world book day and sharing our favourite books. 

The Battle of Hastings

Today we re-enacted the Battle of Hastings. We enjoyed learning all about the Battle and using our weapons to fight! William the Conqueror gave a fantastic speech to his troops and was victorious in battle! 





Performance Poetry 

This half term we have been learning to rap! We have really enjoyed learning and performing by heart a variety of rap poems with attitude! 


The Bayeux Tapestry

We have learnt all about the Bayeux tapestry and have designed our own versions. We are busy sewing them! Look out for our finished work online soon...


Personal Study Time

We are all excited to complete our first personal study in year 5 and have been busy sharing our research with our class mates. We are busy making models, PowerPoint's, leaflets, posters and sewing.

Science Investigators 

This half term we are all CRAZY SCIENTISTS! We are going to be carrying out lots of investigations.


Cornflour Slime

We had great fun making cornflour slime! It went everywhere! We learnt that cornflour slime is a Non-Newtonian liquid and has very interesting properties. 


Investigating Materials 

We have been learning all about different materials and their properties. We carried out lots of tests on our materials to decide which purpose our materials would be suitable for. 


Warburton's Visit 

Warburton's came to visit and we enjoyed learning all about how to make our own bread.


Egyptian Stone Moving Mechanisms

We worked really hard to create our own stone moving devices. we designed, produced and developed our devices and they worked really well! 

Our Solar System

We are learning all about the planets and their sizes and distance from the sun. We have learnt a rhyme to remember them.' My very easy method just speeds up naming...PLANETS!' We calculated the distance of each planet from the sun and used toilet roll to see how far away each planet is. We went outside and used string to show how planets orbit the sun.

Phases of the moon

We enjoyed using Oreo biscuits to find out more about the phases of the moon. We really enjoyed eating them afterwards too!




This week we took part in Bikeability and we all passed! We are now all trained in level two and know how to ride our bikes safely on the road.