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Waingroves Primary School

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Welcome to Year 3!

Your teacher is Mrs Kinder

Cover Teacher - Mrs Baillie

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Morris

PE Teacher Miss Naylor

In Year 3 we always work hard and look after each other.  :-)

Please see the information below to learn more about Year 3.

Halloween 2022

Truly amazing efforts in Year 3 this year. You should all feel incredibly proud! (Parents too!)


Please find our Autumn 2 overview:

Forest School

Design and Technology Week

Here are a few photos of our sandwich making session during D and T week! I had to be quick! The children did a fantastic job and demonstrated some brilliant sandwich making skills! Thumbs up all round!

Please find below our Spring 1 2023 overview:

How does our body work?

The children have loved our topic this term. Here are some photos of when the children have been exploring in class.

We carried out a demonstration showing how food travels through the digestive system. Some VERY interesting facial reactions!


 As part of our instructional writing block this term, some children have had the opportunity to make their own natural bird feeders! The children thoroughly enjoyed making these. Everything is nature friendly and will naturally decompose over time. With Mrs Morris and a pair of binoculars to hand the children are keeping a close eye on what birds they can spot!

Here are some other photos from our Spring 1 term:

Team Building

WOW! What a great way to end our term. The children absolutely loved the team building activity, 'the floor is lava,' earlier this afternoon. Here are some action shots of your children working as team, listening to each other and showing great sportsmanship to the winners....YELLOW TEAM! It was very close! All of the children should feel proud of themselves. Well done Year 3!


We have had a fascinating afternoon learning all about Mrs Leary's job as a Radiographer. The children have been extremely lucky to have her visit us as she shared sooo much information about her job, x-rays and all of the different machines that are involved with being a Radiographer. I wonder if your child can remember any WOW moments!?

Please find below our Spring 2 overview for 2023

Class Experiment

Just before we broke up for half term, we conducted an experiment. The experiment was to see what would happen if 1. a slice of bread was left untouched, 2. a slice of bread had been handled lightly(4 people) and 3. a slice of bread had been handled by the whole class! I wonder if you can tell which one the whole class had touched? They are heading for the bin now!

World Book Day!

WOW! We really did see some amazing costumes last week! Well done to children, parents and carers for all of the effort you put in. It was so lovely to see the children sharing their books at break time. Here are some photos from Year 3.

Chesterfield trip

What a full day we have had AND we didn't get too wet :-)

Our first activity was exploring timelines and learning all about who the Romans were and how they changed from being traders to greedy invaders! Next we looked at maps of what the fort would have been like in Chesterfield, built by the Romans. We had a go at measuring how big is was and imagined what life would be like inside it. Afterwards, we were lucky enough to examine some replica Roman artifacts from the Chesterfield Museum and learnt about each object and what it was used for. We also had a go at being an Archaeologist!! Finally we learnt about how the Romans copied the Greeks with their architecture and went around Chesterfield spotting similar features.

A huge well done and thank you to all the children and staff who took part today and a thank you to parents for supporting your children in coming along for this brilliant experience. 

Here are some photos of our day. 

Red Nose Day!

A huge well done to all of the efforts that went into Red Nose Day this year! We had some very red outfits, funky hairstyles and brilliant red nose entries.

See our winners below!

100 point winner!

50 point winner!

25 point winner!

Here are some more pictures from the day:

Summer 1 timetable

Summer 1 Year 3 curriculum overview:


How far can I throw my shadow?

Yesterday year 3 had a great afternoon with Mrs Baillie, learning all about how light travels, what light sources are and how light can reflect off some objects. Some children made 'light tubes,' to show how light travels through different widths of tubes, a bit like how out eyes let in light and protect our eyes from too much light.

Take a look at some photos from our lesson! Well done year 3!

Celebrating the King's Coronation :-)

How far can I throw my shadow?

In Science today we carried out an experiment to see how well a toy car travelled along different surfaces. The children were very creative and resourceful when looking for and using things around them to experiment with. They made it a fair test by keeping key aspects of the experiment consistent, well done year 3!


Today in our PSHEE lesson we have been thinking about difference and diversity. Here are some of the lovely poems the children put together this afternoon!