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Waingroves Primary School

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 Welcome to Mrs Gage's and Mrs Harvey's Class. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hennell

Forest School week 5

Our final forest school session was all about mud! We made natural filters to clean muddy water and then made mud faces!

River Walk

What a fantastic morning we had walking along the river Derwent! We did some field work, investigating the speed of flow of the river. We identified features such as meander, tributary and weir. We noticed it was being used by rowers and fishermen. However, the best bit had to be the paddling!!! Brilliant!!!!!

Forest School week 4

 This week we did some orienteering- we used a map of the school grounds. When we arrived at each place marked on the map, we had to identify the leaf there. Then we used a lashing to make a stick person (to join the arms to the body). Some of us added extra decorations and some of us built mini dens for the stick people to live in.

Some of our Coronation Day crowns...  And Coronation Ice Creams!

Forest School Week 3

Yummy yummy in my tummy!!! This week we have been cooking popcorn on the firepit and toasting marshmallows!! 

Forest School week 2

This week had the theme of the Coronation. We harvested some willow using secateurs then used it to create a crown. We found lots of natural objects to decorate it with. We looked very regal with our crowns! We also decorated 'coronation wood cookies' and had some free time where we made bows and arrows, did some digging and made dens.

Forest School

We had a great first session of forest school. The sun was shining, we did some treebathing, shelter building and drank some hot chocolate too. Perfect!


Here are excerpts from our

Easter Eggstravaganza

for you to enjoy!  

Thank you to Mrs Hennell, our videographer and photographer and to all of the children for their amazing entertainment.  You did us proud!




Easter is nearly here and we've been really busy practising for our production, which is on next week, we're really looking forward to performing it.  Anyway, today - Friday 24th March -  we've been busily making our fab pop-up Easter cards.  We followed some instructions and then we wrote our own instructions of how to make the card!  This is our current genre of writing: instructions.

Check out this writing by Molly done on the snow day and snowy pics too!



These are pictures from our team building we did on the last day of this half term.  It was quite tricky to build towers using sticky marshmallows and spaghetti!  We all had a fun time doing it as well as finding it a little bit frustrating when it didn't work out.  Some of them collapsed and we had to start all over again, but we worked hard to try and make the towers stronger using triangular shapes.  Well done to the Blue Team who made the tallest tower. 


Internet Safety Day - St Katharine's Primary School



Internet Safety Day


   This is a really important message,

which highlights the importance of staying safe online.  


An excellent presentation, delivered clearly and confidently, which was Year 4 homework.  


Sound Circus

We had great fun today learning about how all sounds are made by vibrations. We could see the vibrations in the different experiments we performed. Mrs Gage also brought in some instruments (guitar, violin, flute, clarinet & bassoon). We learned that, the larger the instrument, the lower the pitch. The smaller the instrument, the higher the pitch. We all had a go at making a sound on the didjeridu. It wasn't easy!

 What is Sound?

We've had a cracking start to our new topic. We've learned about how sound is a big part of Mardi Gras festivals around the world. We made our own Mardi Gras masks. We went outside to listen for different sounds and decided whether they were pleasant or unpleasant. We used our body percussion to create symbols to make a composition, recording them using graphic score. We had such a lot of fun making our string telephones then working out the best ways to get them to work. We tested with lax string, taut string, crossed strings. We didn’t even mind testing them in the snow!!

And this is all in just the 1st 2 weeks! What else will we do?.....


Year 4 had great fun today on level 1 of Bikeability. They thoroughly enjoyed it despite the cold, damp weather. We are so proud to say that some children, who had never ridden a bike before, left the session as bike riders!! Well done everyone!!!


We composed a class rap as part of our music, thinking about rhythm, pulse, rhyme and keeping a steady beat!


In Year 4, we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons. We have read Beowulf, an old Anglo-Saxon myth and designed our own terrifying monsters from the story! We have also written our own versions of Beowulf, including the monsters we drew! Have a look at what scary stories and petrifying drawings Year 4 have done this term!

The Anglo-Saxons

We have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons. We started our topic by making sure the Saxon recipe biscuits we made didn't get burnt as in the legend of King Arthur! We have found out where they came from and why. This week we have been archaeologists, looking at artefacts from the Sutton Hoo dig, trying to work out what they were and how they were used by the Saxons.

Attenborough Nature Reserve

We had our first trip of the year to Attenborough Nature Reserve. Our trip linked to our topic which was all about different habitats. While we were there, we explored a woodland habitat, looking for different minibeasts (we found a frog!!), we went pond dipping and then bird watching. It was great!!!

These are pictures from Year 4 Pond Club.  We meet on Thursday lunchtimes.   The children had a fun time doing some pond dipping and we caught a fish!  It helps us to understand the pond habitat and what lives there.