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Some of our school policies are set by our trust, the EMBARK Federation. However, there are some policies which remain specific to our school, and these are drawn up by the Senior Leadership Team and approved by our Governing Body.

You can request a copy of any of our policies, whether they are set by EMBARK or drawn up by Waingroves Primary School, by contacting our school on 01773 744106 or email to enquiries@waingroves.derbyshire.sch.uk. We can provide policies either by email or paper copy on request.  

Please click on the policy name to view the document.


EMBARK Policies:

EMBARK Admissions Policy 2024-25 v3.0

EMBARK Attendance Policy 2023-24 v2.0

EMBARK Charging and Remissions Policy 2023-24 v1.0

EMBARK Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2023-24 v2.0

EMBARK Complaints Policy 2023-24 v3.0

EMBARK Exclusion and Suspension Policy 2022-23 v1.0

EMBARK Online Safety Policy 2023-24 v4.0

EMBARK Whistle Blowing Policy 2023-24 v3.0


Waingroves Primary School Policies:

Accessibility Plan (2023-2026)

Administration of Medicines

Anti Bullying Policy 2023-24 v2.0

Behaviour Policy 2023-24 v2.2

Charging Policy

Child-on-Child Abuse Policy 2023-24 v1.0

Collective Worship Policy

Dinner Money Policy

Equality Policy 2023-24 v2.0

Freedom of Information Act

Race Equality Policy 

Governors Allowance Policy

Health and Safety Medication Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Home School Agreement

Private Fostering Policy

SEND Policy

SEND Information Report


Curriculum Policies:

Maths Calculation Policy

Sex and Relationships Policy (under review)