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Welcome to our class page!

Year 6 are taught by Mr Knowles and supported by Mrs Davies and Mrs English.

With an eye on the future and six years of Waingroves Primary School wisdom behind us, we are in the most exciting time in our primary school lives!

Here is an overview of our exciting year:

Our Year 6 topics are led by exciting questions, which will prompt deep and meaningful learning across the National Curriculum. They are:

Why Did We Go To War in 1939?

What Would a Journey through the Human Body Look Like?

Why Is the Amazon So Important?

Have We Always Looked Like This?

Were The Greeks Really Glorious?

What Can Be Found in a House Of Wisdom?

Visiting the National Holocaust Center

On 10th October, 2023, we visited the National Holocaust Centre in Laxton.

We learned about the Journey of a Jewish child who experienced the rise of Anti-Semitism, before being evacuated to the UK on the Kindertransport. We- had the chance to explore recreations of Jewish shops that had been attacked, as well looking at the type of home and young German-Jew would have lived in prior to World War 2.

We learned so much and had a great time, though much of what we learned gave us pause for thought.

AVSSP Year 6 Basketball Tournament

Six Year 6 children took part in an AVSSP Basketball competition at Alfreton Leisure Centre on 23/11/23. They all showed great sportsman/woman-ship on and off the court.

Every game showed improvement - the team worked together to analyse future opponents and they performed with increasing skill and flair in each and every game! 

The team came second in the tournament - we are very proud of them!

Art - Portraiture

We had great fun exploring the use of light and dark in our compositions. Selecting ourselves as the subjects of our pieced, we used the dark-cube in our reception classroom as a place with no light, then we used a light gun to create a stark contrast on our faces.

The resulting pieces were dramatic and impressive! If you are lucky enough to spend some time in our school hall, come and have a look at our display!

Click on the images


For our WOW activity to immerse Year 6 into our body systems topic, we spent some time in small groups exploring a real Ox's heart!

The group used their existing knowledge of the heart's composition to identify the atriums and the ventricles, as well as to speculate on the parts we didn't understand yet.

It smelled revolting, but we braved our way through it!


We used our new portable oven to make bread!

We used a recipe of flour, yeast, water and honey for our dough, and we even added some, thyme and rosemary to the olive oil glazing to give it some flair!

Y6 proved themselves to be great bakers!